Egyptian Equipment Supply  

About EES


Egyptian Equipment Supply is an equipment company in ICM Group for Investments Services. We are the leader in equipment field in Egypt. We sell used and new equipment to our clients according to their logistics needs. We deliver your order on time with high standards and at competitive rates.  We are here for increasing your turn over in logistics.


Container Management


Our main business core is containers. We are container trader. We sell or lease ISO containers at competitive rates. As EES we are one of the best buyer and seller of  ISO containers in Mediterranean region.


We ensure a consistent supply of containers through our worldwide container network to our clients.


Our Specialists

We focus on giving high quality and ensuring the safety of your fleet in your inland haulage. We are truck trader. We have established stabilized market in Egypt in selling new and used trucks in competitive prices. 


Logistics Equipment


We are here for being a partner in your projects. There are major projects in Egypt on the way especially on infrastructure and construction. We have the experience and logistics equipment for handling your overall logistics process. We sell:

Reefer Trailers