ICM International Cargo Movers - Warehousing  

Our Warehouse

    We own and operate non-bonded warehouse in Kabary with 10,000 sq.m2 total area divided into: 6,000 sq. m2 close area and 4,000 sq. m2 open area.
Our ICM warehouse is strategically located: 1 km from Alexandria Old Port and 5 km from Dekhila Port.

Your cargo is in safe!


We are here for improving your supply chain. We tailor our warehousing services according to your specified needs with standard ICM quality in our every service at competitive rates. We:

Have 24/7 security and experienced warehouse management team.
Are connected online to ICM Head office.
Provide every kind of packaging, labeling and pallets.
Insure the entire commodity in our warehouse.

Container Management


We have a worldwide container network. We can supply any kind of containers according to your specified needs.


Demurrage is an important cost element in your logistics expenses. We are here for increasing your logistics turnover. We can provide any kind of container you need through leasing and selling in favorable rates to enable you not paying high demurrage fees.


Lead Logistics Provider


We offer you integrated logistics solutions combining:

Customs Clearance.
Local distribution in Egypt with our Majestic Trucking Network fleet.
Our Warehouse.