About Us  

ICM Group in brief: Leave it for us!

ICM is a joint-stock company where head office is in Alexandria. We are specialized as a Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) in Egypt as a member of FIATA and EIFFA with the synergy created by our strategic business units in logistics, equipment, trucking and shipping.


ICM Mission

We see our clients as our business partners. Our mission is creating sustainable competitive advantage in supply-chain process of our clients through implementing tailored logistics program with flawless execution and dependability.


ICM Group Companies

ICM International Cargo Movers
Egyptian Equipment Supply
Majestic Trucking Network logo

Why ICM?

We ensure that you will get all your logistics products and services you need from one hand with ICM quality assurance. Because we:

Integrate logistic services according to your needs through leveraging the capabilities of our group companies.
Created worldwide database of agencies and shipping agencies to give you logistics services in every part of world.
Use technology in every part of our business:
EDI in our customs department.
GPRS for tracking our trucks.
Full, fast and accurate documentation.
Have the passion and experience to meet and exceed your expectations.