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ICM Packaging

    ICM is Lead Logistics Provider. You will increase your logistics productivity through using our value-added services for your whole distribution logistics. Packaging is one of our niche services. We provide our clients all kind of packaging and package labeling for import and export cargo.  

Ensuring your security


We reduce the security risks of your shipment through ICM premium packaging service. ICM is specialized in packaging and wrapping of fragile products with high value. We offer packages with:

Improved tamper resistance.
Authentication seals.
Security printing.
Radio Frequency Identification tags.

We increase the shelf-life of your fresh product!

    We keep your fresh food clean, fresh, sterile and safe with increased shelf-life through using:
Modified Atmosphere Packaging.
Equilibrium modified atmosphere packaging.

Controlled/modified Atmosphere Container


We deliver any kind of container according to your needs. We can provide you a controlled atmosphere container from our container network when you want to control the temperature for your perishable cargo.


We increase the shelf-life of your fresh product!


We provide flat pallets with ISO standards for your import and export cargo in order to make your shipment easier and smoothly. Our pallets will easily fit forklifts and automated warehouses. We sell:

Wooden pallets.
Plastic pallets.
Bulk boxes.